6 Reasons Why Mont Tremblant Wallops other Quebec Resorts

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There are many great resorts in Quebec, but Mont Tremblant has them all beat. Here are the top 6 reasons why Mont Tremblant wallops other popular resorts.

  1. Size

The sheer size of Mont Tremblant is absolutely massive. Spanning over 90 square miles in the Laurentian Mountains, it is host to many winter adventures. With so many restaurants, lifts, gondolas, and expansive skiable terrain there is sure to be fun had by all.

  1. Unique skiing experience

Mont Tremblant skiing is one of the big reasons that people come to visit here instead of going to another of Quebec’s resorts. The reason for this is that Mont Tremblant offers multi-level skiing, which means that everyone from beginner to experienced experts will find the perfect place for them. Mont Tremblant’s Snow School is also a great way to take advantage of all the skiing and snowboarding opportunities that Mont Tremblant has to offer.

  1. Multitude of snow

For any winter vacation, snow is key. With no snow, there would be no skiing, dogsledding, ice fishing, or any of the many winter activities that Quebec is known for. Here in Mont Tremblant, there is no shortage, with 12.5 feet of average snowfall every year. In case that is not enough, they also have their own snow cannons, with over 600 of them located in strategic places around the resort.

  1. Direct booking and discounts

Mont Tremblant accommodations are some of the best anywhere in Quebec.  A big reason for this is that they have so many options for booking your stay. For example, you can go to a multitude of online websites and find a wide variety of hotels, inns, chalets, and condos. There is no shortage to the selection or variety of places to stay here in Mont Tremblant. They also offer great discounts for you to take advantage of when booking your stay, whether it be through the resorts main website or through others such as TripAdvisor and Expedia.

  1. Vibrant Village Activity & Nightlife

Mont Tremblant offers a great variety of nightlife options such as Microbrasserie de La Diable, Le P’tit Caribou, and Café L’Epoque for people who love to get out and party. There are also plenty Mont Tremblant après-ski locations as well. When it comes to the village, there is a great variety of things to do, such as visit jewelry stores, toy & book shops, and art galleries. You are sure to never be without something to keep busy should you choose to visit this fantastic resort.

  1. Best Snow Parks

Mont Tremblant offers a great selection of snow parks for people to enjoy. Their 3 options are Adrenaline Park, Evolution Park, and Progression Park. These are all for freestylers who find themselves at different levels of expertise. As long as you have a helmet, you are sure to have a fantastic time.

In conclusion, Mont Tremblant offers some amazing features, from après-ski locations, to beautiful accommodations and fantastic skiing opportunities. It is a truly magnificent experience to take part of and will leave you with many wonderful memories for years to come.


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