9 Fun things To do In Mont Tremblant That Are Not Skiing Or Snowboarding

downhill skiing slopes

There are many things to do when planning your trip to Mont Tremblant ski resort. As many people head out for the ski slopes, there are many who are not that active. Yes, they still enjoy having a good time, but skiing is just a bit out of their league. When the family vacation is planned around a ski trip there may be some members that skiing is just not their thing. So what are they suppose to do while the other family members are out on the slopes having a wonderful time on their skis? Many families plan their ski vacation at places where there are many options to enjoy and that would include things other than skiing.

Finding Things To Do Other Than Skiing Or Snowboarding

Research you area around your ski resort, when planning your vacation, especially if you have family members that can not enjoy the slopes. Many times there are several things to do in a nearby town or maybe if you are lucky right there on the ski resort. When staying on the resort at Mont Tremblant, you can enjoy the Scandinavian Spa or even call and schedule a massage in your room. Since Montreal is nearby, there is an array of places to shop. There are also over 50 restaurants that offer unique cuisines to enjoy an afternoon out or plan a nice dinner when your skiers come in from the slopes.

Other Options To Stay Entertained

• Rent a mountain bike and cycle around in the snow
• Enjoy the party scene at the many bars that offer concerts and other entertainment
• Tours are available in a 4 wheel drive dune buggy that can let you see the natural beauty
• Enjoy a dog sled ride, pulled by a team of trained sled dogs
• Also you can enjoy tubing on the snow or even try a pair of snow shoes

Something For Everyone

So as you can see there are many things to do that do not require skiing or snowboarding. And yes bicycle that is designed to be ridden on the snow. That is really awesome and would be a fun ride for many cyclist. This is a form of mountain bike with tires that will work great especially on the powdery snow, allowing the bike rider to enjoy the outdoors and still get their exercise.

downhill skiing slopes

When scheduling your family vacation, make sure to check out the availability of entertainment on your ski resort or in a near by. Town. This way your entire family will be able to enjoy the vacation and not some of them dealing with boredom the entire time that you are gone. When there is so much available on the resort where you are staying, this means that after your loved one come in from the slopes, there is still plenty that you can do together without having to travel. Even if you are planning your vacation and staying in your Whistler accommodations, find out what the resort has to offer and look at what is available in the nearby towns.


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