Ski Apres and Nightlife Reviews in whistler blackcomb


In whistler blackcomb, you will have the most exciting time of your life. The nightlife is something you can only image from the photos of cosmic expensive hotels with celebrities and wine and liquor that come at a price tag more than the car you drive. The outdoor and eating areas are something to be marveled at by all. The lights: they spend hours setting up and the table that glows in the moonlight make everything better. The live music will make you fall in love with the place. The stages are set so that the front of it curves so the whole crowd can get in the action. The food is to die for. Since you’re up north, fishing is permitted by those who have permits. And the food is fresh. Fresh, salmon, fish and tuna. As if it was picked right out of the cold lake and landed on your plate.

Outdoor terrain.

Before you book your stay please book an earlier time. Some whistler blackcomb hotels offer cheaper rates to those who book early in the year. The hotels are set up from top to bottom and from top to skyscraper. The top skyscraper rooms are a bit more expensive as you go up because of the view. The alps and the snow peaks can be seen. Cheaper hotels are around the small strips but don’t offer much of a view and can be noisy being that there are on the road suppressed with drivers honing their horns day and night, so please book with care.  The outdoor eating terrain and walking is great for the walker and good exercise.

Live music.

The bands at whistler blackcomb will take your breathe away. Many indie and rock bands do play but some famous band work with the hotels and pay booking fees for the weekend to play. If its a well known band, the band will be paid to come in for the weekend and get to play and will be paid by the hotel owners. The music and the stage are set up for the best performance for you. The wide open areas make it easier to view and the bars are always a call away. You may get a chance to meet the band afterwards after their security pats you down and inspect your camera, but your shouldn’t have a problem with that.

The food you eat

This is why you love it here. They have the best food at the best prices. Many dishes there are fish types and chicken types, but you also have the choice of going vegetarian. Just check online to see which Whistler blackcomb restaurants have it, it would inconvenience someone if you did ask. Salmon and most fishes are carefully prepared daily for health reasons. My personal favorite is the salmon double cut with wheat bread rolled and a small salad. It will make your right. See more here about the best whistler blackcomb restaurant.


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