Ski Guide: Mt. Tremblant Canada’s First Ski Resort

Mt. Tremblant Canada's First Ski Resort

Mount Tremblant is known as Canada’s first ski resort. It had its first skier in 1940 and is also known as the second ski resort to open in North America. Many people go and visit the great slopes each year. This ski resort offers a variety of ski slopes and many other exciting things to do in it’s own little village. It even has its own casino for the skiers that like to gamble or for the guests that do not spend time skiing or snowboarding on the great slopes. They offer a Scandinavian Spa to the ability to hire a dog sled team to take a ride around the wonderful scenery and nature that Canada has to offer.

Why Choose Canada?

Not only does Canada’s natural land help to create some of the most exciting and challenging skiing, but many ski resorts have made a huge impact on making quality ski slopes. Canada’s ski resorts like this one offer many options for their guests. Most will offer skiing or snowboarding lessons to their guests. You have a choice of selecting a group instruction, which is the cheapest, but can also get a one on one instructor that will be able to give you more attention and work with you on your weekest points when you are on the slopes. You must choose if you want to pay a little more for private instructions to help improve or learn the beginning techniques of being on the slopes. Check out today!

Why Choose Canada’s First Ski Resort?

• Offer a variety of slopes from beginners to experts
• Have plenty of accommodations over 3 dozen places to choose
• Offer over 50+ eateries, from Italian style to sweet shops
• Plenty to do there even for the non skiers

Why Is It so Popular

From the ski slopes to the gambling casino, Mount Tremblant has something for everyone to enjoy. The resort village located at the bottom of the mountains, offers a huge variety of shopping that is sure to please most everyone. When visiting this French style village, you can shop from clothes to antiques. The Casino opened it’s doors last year, giving even the gambler something to do that they enjoy. Remember that if you just are not in the mood to leave your room for the day, you can call and schedule a massage right there in your own room. View available Mont Tremblant accommodations here.

Mt. Tremblant Canada's First Ski Resort

There are so many things to do and see that it is almost a guarantee that you will run out of time, before you could experience every thing that is available. Before the snow starts to fall on the mountain, there is time to get in some good golfing right there on the resort. Once the snow starts falling and the skiers are now hitting the slopes, there re so many things to do for the non skiers, that you could never name them all. So when you are booking your accommodations no matter if you are at the first ski resort or if you are staying in the Whistler accommodations, watch for the best package deals that would best suit your lifestyle.


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